Au Pair Life · Spain


City by the sea. I was in love. We spent a week up in the northern part of Spain and what a relaxing week it was. Madrid has been such a hot mess, Bilbao was a welcomed break with the sea-breeze and cooler temperatures.

Apart from going to the beach almost everyday, we went sailing and paid a visit to the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao. I loved sailing so much, it was wonderful being out on the water and feeling the wind and sun. I could definitely support sailing becoming a hobby 🙂

IMG_3602 IMG_3612 IMG_3628 IMG_3631  IMG_3645

So happy that I was able to see another part of this beautiful country. Muchas gracias mi familia española. Right now we are in Cadiz, the southern part of Spain. Love this place. Just 5mins walk from the beach and it is truly wonderful. Hopefully I will get a post up once we are back in Madrid and before I head back to the States. Do a little recap of our trip and show some pictures!

IMG_3665Hasta pronto y espero que disfrutéis la semana!

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