Real Talk: Routine.

Before we left for vacation I started working out again. I just needed to get back into a real routine; I was feeling “bleh” and  had a very sporadic “schedule” (read: not often/not at all). To counter my sporadic-ness, I decided to work out again on a daily basis and get some focus back. *fist pump* Oh yeah!

There was so much muscle soreness after my first few consecutive days…a testament to my slacking routine. But a good reminder for myself to actually get my booty in gear and MOVE!

And I am happy to say that since we’ve been in Cadiz, I’ve run or done some sort of exercise/workout everyday! GO ME! Proud of the consistency that I’ve maintained and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up!

Real Talk: Routine. It’s challenging, but I’m so up for the challenge!

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