Post Spain


Well here we are. The last day of 2015. I cannot believe it. So much has happened. I began the year in a new country and lived there for the majority of the year. Traveled around and fell in love with Spain even more. I so loved my adventure in Spain, and now the time has come for the next one. The travel bug has not died down one bit.

My next adventure will be DUBAI! I’ll be making this trip in March and I couldn’t be more excited. The church that I’ve been attending since moving back home is working with another church in Dubai and an orphanage in Lebanon. Although our trip will only be 10 days, I am so looking forward to it. Getting to travel and experience something new! I’m also looking forward to meeting the people at the sister church and the loving on all the children at the orphanage. Traveling and loving on kiddos, my favorite things. ❤

I ask that you join in with me as I pray for this upcoming trip. For safety as we travel. For the people that we will be working alongside. For God’s glory to be fully present in all that we do. If you feel lead to donating to this mission trip contact me for further details.

Much love and Happy New Year!


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