Post Spain

January and Whole30.

So really January is just about Whole30. At least for me. My mother and I decided back in early December to do this “diet” for the month of January. Maybe it’s part of the “new year, new me” notion. Maybe it’s part of wanting to be healthy. And maybe it’s part of wanting to find out if we’re allergic to certain foods.

Anywho, Whole30 is eating clean for 30 days. We are fulling out tummies with fruits, veggies, and proteins. So bye bye processed foods, sugars, and carbs. We’re a few days in and so far it’s been fine. I mean besides the fact that I’ve eaten eggs EVERYDAY for breakfast, and I have a big dislike for eggs. So we’re becoming besties. Joy! :/ The biggest thing is the planning and meal prep. Last night as my mom and I were cooking up a storm, we realized it had been almost 2 hours since we had gotten home from work and we were still cooking. Bleh! “No wonder people are fat! This takes so long! Hahaha!” Too true Mama Virg. Too true 🙂 Granted we were prepping things, and weren’t just making food for dinner yesterday, but it was still time consuming, and slightly annoying. I just wanted to eat!

Other that meals taking a long time to make, so far so good. We’ve eaten yummy things and tried some pretty cool recipes. Smooth sailing and looking forward to the end of the 30 days. Wonder what’s gonna change after all of this clean eating. Stay tuned….!

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