Life in my 20s

Coffee dates soothe the soul.

This morning I had the pleasure of having coffee and catching up with one of my dearest and oldest friends. We’ve known each other over half our lives and have seen each other through the angsty teen years, different college/ career moves, and all the other ups and downs imaginable. Up until about two years ago or so, our lives were pretty parallel. We were going to school, dating here and there, trying to figure out the next phase of life. But then our lives quickly started moving farther and farther apart. I had graduated college, was single, and was moving to Spain. She was still plugging away at her degree,  working and interning in her field, and was seriously dating the man that would become her now husband. It was crazy to watch our lives unfold without each other being a part of it. I soon longed for the time when we were closer, geographically and in our “life paths.”

Once my year in Spain was over I figured my relationships would be different and that I’d have to learn to adapt to these new dynamics. But what was more than that was the fact that I no longer felt that I could relate to one of my oldest confidants. It’s only now, a year later, after her engagement and marriage, and my return to California, that I feel closer and “back to familiarity” with her. Our coffee date today was such a beautiful reminder of our friendship and how much we’ve been through together and how our journey through life is far from over. Although we might no longer be so parallel, I know that we’ll always have each other, and for that I am beyond thankful.

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